Library Information Literacy Skills

School librarians are a part of a unique discipline that has unique content and unique academic vocabulary. It is important that we demonstrate this to administrators and faculty.

  1. “A to Z Common Core Library Skills Checklist” Tiered Vocab and Scaffold Worksheet are found here:
  2. Common Core Standards that depend on library. With skill Breakdown! In addition to these writing standards, we are in the position to best teach the following:"Self-select text to respond and develop innovative perspective."
  3. Common Core Skills for library with Suggested Tools and Products!

  1. The Information Literacy User’s Guide SUNY Open Textbooks Edited by Greg Bobish and Trudi Jacobson
  2. Empire State Information Fluency Continuum
  3. IFC Assessments Organized by Skills
  4. IFC original and writable Assessments
  5. 100 Things Kids Will Miss If they don’t have a School Librarian in their School
  6. SSLMA-Suffolk School Library Media Association-GREAT Librarian Resources
  7. Embracing the Common Core Great Librarian Brochure
  8. How School Librarians fit in to the Common Core Library Specific Tier 2-3
  9. Common Core Changing the Role of the Librarian

**These skills and standards are best taught when embedded into classroom teacher content. The best library lessons are those that are built through collaboration between librarian and classroom teacher.

Standards and Important Tools

  1. NYS Common Core and Libraries
  2. TRAILS Tool for Information Literacy Testing
    1. BSHS Regents Scores 9th 2011-2012
  3. ES BOCES K-12 Information Fluency Continuum
  4. ISTE Standards
  5. S.O.S. Information Literacy
  6. The Partnership for 21st Century Skills
  7. College Librarians Weigh in on Skills Students Need
  8. Southern Westchester BOCES Information Fluency Continuum and Common Core Learning Standards By Grade!
  9. Danielson Rubric and Librarians
  10. Joyce Valenza Libguides
  11. CC Lists for School Librarians

Common Core for Librarians
  1. Presented at NYLA by leaders in the field!
  2. ALA Rubric for Lesson Plan/Unit Creation
  3. Carolyn Starkey Live Binders Resources
  4. ALA and Common Core Crosswalk

Common Core Lesson Plans
  1. Where Common Core meets Common Sense- great info lit lesson

Common Core Units
  1. AASL Units

Daniel Willingham: amazing education researcher/ cognitive scientist! Daniel Wilingham

Public Library
  1. Common Core and the Public Library

Take it from the EXPERTS! Your school library is more important than ever!
The Internet may be the world's library, but let's face it - all the books are scattered on the floor.
- D.C. Denison, Boston Globe
Google can bring you back 100,000 answers, a librarian can bring you back the right one.
- Neil Gaiman, author of Sandman
In the non-stop tsunami of global information, librarians provide us the floaties and teach us how to swim.
- Linton Weeks, Washington Post
Does the internet replace the library? Does a calculator replace math class? Learning how to use the tool is more important than having the tool.
- Dave Peters
The Internet is marvelous, but to claim, as some now do, that it's making libraries obsolete is as silly as saying shoes have made feet unnecessary.
- Mark Herring, American Libraries, 2001
Curiosity is at the heart of inquiry." Harvey Daniels. Inquiry Circles in Action"There are different ways to find answers to our questions. - Stephanie Daniels and Harvey Daniels.