Check out these Lexile Tools

Lexile is one contrived measure to help select books. It is not the only, nor is it the met important factor to consider. Librarians are your best resource for locating quality, cutting edge and appropriate resources. Note: In the VRC and most databases, you can search for items by Lexile score! Also, some book vendors like Mackin, let you have exile printed on spine label. Ask your librarian how!

Resources for Reading Level and Common Core Reading


  1. Common Core Lexile to Grade Correspondence
  2. OKAPI Check the level and readibility of a text.
  3. Fleisch Kincade
  4. Find a Book Lexile Framework
  5. Scholastic Book Wizard
  6. JuicyStudio: Readability Tools/ Various Frameworks and Check the readability of a website
  7. Various measures of text "difficulty"

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