Inquiry Based Learning General Resources

"Inquiry" does NOT mean that students are just left to discover on their own. Inquiry as promoted her is GUIDED Inquiry. This method is rigorous and aligned with Common Core principles. Your school librarian is your inquiry expert. He or she is a valuable teaching partner.

  1. Thirteen Ed Online: Excellent Tutorials
  2. Galileo: What is Inquiry
  3. Information Age Inquiry: Videos and good explanations
  4. Rigor and Relevance Framework
  5. Mary Ratzer Wiki Page: Extensive Resources
  6. Depth of Knowledge Chart
  7. ES BOCES Inquiry Bootcamp Resources
  8. Harvard: The Keys to Inquiry
  9. Association of American Colleges and Universities Values Rubrics

Information Models and Comparisons of Models

History of Information Search and Inquiry Models

During the 1980s educators and librarians experienced a surge of interest in information skills. At the peak of the HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) movement, educators were finding that a process approach to information inquiry could be found across the curriculum. By the late 1980s and early 1990s, informational skills became a focus of many researchers. Much of this research was shared at the annual Treasure Mountain Research Retreats. In the 1990s, the models began to stress the ongoing cycle of inquiry. Rather than a series of separate steps, educators began to see the process as involving recusive elements and ongoing questioning, exploration, and investigation.
  1. Comparison of some early models

Video Series
  1. Creativity and the Common Core

Tools for Inquiry Learning
  1. Great Inquiry Planning Rubric
  2. wswheBOCES Unit Planning Sheet
  3. 20 Best Websites AASL tools for Inquiry
  4. AASL Tools

  1. Inquiry Thinkmark for Students!
  2. Wonder Sheet
  3. Essential Vocabulary Sheet
  4. Information Literacy Ling Bookmark for Students! Great for school librarians!

Examples of Inquiry
  1. Galileo Student and Teacher Examples
  2. Illinois Sample Units
  3. The Exploratorium: The museum of science, art and human perception Feed Your Inquiry
  4. AASL Lesson Plan Database
  5. Inquiry Lesson Plan Sites Mary Ratzer
  6. Thinkfinity