ELA Resources

The best materials are created or adapted by you. These are some models and resource starter points to personalize.

ELA Common Core Resources

  1. ODELL Education
  2. NYS Common Core Standards for English Language Arts
  3. Samples of Student Work NYSED
  4. EngageNY Curriculum Modules
  5. Engage Resources
  6. Grammar CC Vertical Alignment Chart:
  7. Help for selecting appropriate texts!
  8. Common Core Lesson Book Great handouts Here! Sample Pages from Heinemann Press

ELA Lessons/ Units/ Reading Lists

  1. To Kill a Mockingbird
  2. Lockport School District Units
  3. Speeches: Arguments and Evidence UNIT OUTLINE Grade 8 Anthony Petrosky and Vivian Mihalakis Institute for Learning
  4. NYC Literacy Units of Study
  5. EDSITEments Recommended Reading List for College Bound Students
  6. ELA GRADE 9 CC wiki

ELA Common Core Worksheets/Handouts (Also see page ReadingTexts)


  1. Vocab Organizer for Tier two words Great for Special Ed

Source Synthesis and Research Tools

  1. Synthesizing quotes from different sources. Great sheets!
  2. Source and guidelines here.
  3. Synthesizing 3 claims from one reading
  4. Dialectic Response Journal

Grammar CC Vertical Alignment Chart: