Digital Literacy and Transliteracy

Below are resources to help you teach 21st Century transliteracy skills. Students should be able to communicate across a range of platforms for various purposes. It is important not to get overwhelmed by kitschy applications and tools like Glogster and Prezi, because what is here today may be gone tomorrow. The tool is a vehicle to teach the skill. The tool should also be necessary and add something essential.
Technology Integration Matrix Tool to Guide Technology Implementation

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Samantha Penney,

"Is technology an afterthought or a vehicle when you are designing instruction? Technology is the vehicle to drive instruction." - Paul Garofano Second Nature Learning: (Digital Literacy Tools)

Good theoretical explanation.

Why digital literacy matters. This video talks about the changing nature of information.

Great slideshare describing why it's not about the tools.

Fostering Creativity

  1. Doug Johnson Great wiki

Bloom's Digital Taxonomy: Andrew Churches

  1. Bloom's Digital Taxonomy PDF complete file and applications/rubrics
  2. Bloom's Digital Taxonomy Excellent and Extensive Resources on his wiki!
  3. Bloom's Digital Taxonomy
  4. Bloom's Activity Tool Kit

Kathy Shrock:

  1. SchrockGuide

Visual Literacy

  1. Visual literacy: Visual Excellence Awards
  2. Periodic Table of Visualization Methods
  3. Visual
  4. Great Sources for Images

Digital Literacy Tools

  1. 101 ways to Use Tagxedo
  2. 46 ways to Use Wordle in the Classroom >
  3. iPad and iPod Instructional Use and Curriculum Page>
  4. 75 Ways to Use an iPad
  5. 80+ Ways to Use Google Forms in the Classroom
Should I post it?
Should I post it?

Digital Storytelling

  1. Joyce Valenza Wiki
  2. Joyce Valenza Only2Clicks

Media Literacy

  1. 80 Videos for Tech and Media Literacy


  1. Tons on Avatar maker sites!
  2. Build yourself Wild


  1. Common Sense Media Digital Literacy Curriculum
  2. Languiches Blog
  3. Languiches Wiki: GREAT resources found here!

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