Common Core Concerns

There are many good parts to the Common Core Standards. Unfortunately, they are not without error. Many of the issues with Common Core are due to implementation practice. The Common Core should not be implemented by way of a cookie cutter binder system, not should it be measured by faulty standardized tests connected to big business. Below are some articles conveying concerns.

Common CoreZilla-posted with permission
Common CoreZilla-posted with permission

Articles Expressing Concerns about Common Core

  1. Alfie Kohn on Common Core
  2. What Common Core State Standards are ā€” and arenā€™t by Valerie Strauss at The Washington Post
  3. Testing the Common Core Standards, also by Valerie Strauss. She has also written The problem(s) with the Common Core standards.
  4. The Common Core: Policy Triumph or Commercial Bonanza? by Nancy Flanagan at Ed Week.
  5. Will National Standards Improve Education? is a useful New York Times forum.
  6. Common Core Standards: Hardly an Evidence-based Policy by Larry Cuban.
  7. National Standards a Wild Goose Chase by Anthony Cody at Ed Week.
  8. David Cohen has a very thoughtful post titled Common Core Confusion. Be sure to read the comments, too.
  9. Common Core Confusion ā€“ ASCD Edition is by David B. Cohen.
  10. Jeffrey N. Golub: Common Core Standards Leave Teachers Out of the Equation is from Ed Week.
  11. Good riddance to new national standards is by Jay Mathews at The Washington Post.
  12. Choking on the Common Core Standards is by Joanne Yatvin and appeared in The Washington Post.